what to do during covid-19

What To Do During Covid-19?

Many people are thinking of starting their own business during this quarantine time. But the main question is how? If you spend little time on the web then you will see a massive amount of options online. Obviously, by seeing these options anyone can get confused; so do you!

Almost everyone thinking – what to do during Covid-19? Now let us explain to you. So that you can make the right decision towards your career.

Don’t panic, here at Anayra Infotech we will tell you the best things to do in quarantine time. If we see the whole world is in lockdown except few countries. This lockdown is killing most of us. Many people lost their jobs, crying for food, no savings left, thinking about the future, etc. 

Just see the positive side of this lockdown. You have so much time in your hands and by utilizing it properly you can start the side income. In today’s online era, we need a laptop/computer, net to do the wonders. If you have these things then no one can stop you to achieve your goals.

Let’s see below-mentioned points to understand what you can do in this quarantine period:

  • Adsense Marketing

Yes, you heard it right! I’m talking about Adsense marketing. But before starting Adsense marketing you need a website for it and regular content. Now you might be asking us – I don’t know how to build a website. I understand your point absolutely. Building a simple site, it’s not rocket science. But for the approval of Adsense, you need a professional site and for that, you must take the help of web development companies in India

Back to the point once you developed the site starts writing regular content on your site and after having sufficient content apply for Google Adsense or other marketing platforms.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Trending one. Tirelessly people are talking about affiliate marketing and earning huge amounts. By signing with Amazon, Flipkart you can earn decent money through affiliate programs. You just have to promote your affiliate link and whenever someone visits that link and buys something, you will earn percentage-wise.

Isn’t it a good idea? Yes, it is!

  • Open Online Store

Gone are the days when people were relying on Amazon and Flipkart, open your own online store, and start earning. No doubts, all these things take time. You must be consistent while doing it. You can also open a Shopify store by hiring a Shopify development company if you don’t know how to develop the Shopify store. To develop a Shopify store, one must be proficient enough.

You can open an online grocery store, pharmacy store, vegetable store, and so on.

Above mentioned businesses need Digital Marketing so if you have knowledge of it then you can clearly do it by yourself. Otherwise, you might need the help of a digital marketing company.

As per us, these are the best tips. As I said things take time but hard work always pays off. If you have other suggestions then let us know in the comment section.

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