Property Preservation and Property Inspection

Anayra Infotech has expert team of people for processing property preservation and property inspection orders at 24*7. With quantity we provide quality work too. We have 3+ years of experience in data processing and know how to complete orders within time period.

When it comes to data processing work we understand the security very well and we provide it. In our company nobody allow to take any electronic gadget with themselves, we monitor every activity happening on the internet plus internet access is limited they can’t search anything, data is un-sharable, cctv cameras are installed everywhere. We are using safest operating system i.e. Linux operating system and it is easy to use. Your data is safe with us.

We have worked with several clients till now and still it is going on. We are expert in our work and believe in step by step processing.

Property Inspection



As we all know property inspection is really important before going for property preservation work. Our data processor check it all the photos properly and update it whether the property is occupied/vacant or no access. We process all types of property inspection orders. We have experience in working so many inspection management software/client portals including EZ Inspections, PK Management, InspectorADE, Pruvan, etc.



In property preservation we have to make sure that we are having all the property photos of before, during and after work so that we can complete order properly. In property preservation we deal with several clients including MSI, NFR, Property Preservation Wizard,  Safe Guard Properties, Core logic, Field Comm, LPS, M&M, Sand Castle, In-Field Express and many more. In property preservation bidding plays an important role and we bid properly by analyzing every small details in the property. We process orders of conveyance conditions, sales clean, securing, deed-in-lieu, initial secures, bid approvals, etc.

Property Preservation


Now let’s talk about our bidding process. We believe in step by step processing and bidding is a really necessary part in the property preservation. We have to take care of every factor when it comes to bidding. Bidding should be accurate and realistic so that the construction of a home can be done properly. In Anayra Infotech, we have divided bidding in two parts i.e. Exterior and Interior. Due to this, we can highlight each section’s problems very well.

Let’s look out the procedure of bidding section wise.



First of all, we will talk about Exterior bidding. In exterior bidding, we analyze all the external problems in the property so that we can bid it properly. In exterior property analysis, we cover outer areas including roof damage, pool maintenance, exterior molds, exterior pilling paints, water management, barricade damage, etc.

property inspection data processing
property preservation and inspection services



Now let’s talk about Interior bidding. Interior bidding extra efforts and we have to fix all the interior problems. Have a look at some interior problems we go through it. For example ceiling damage, interior mold damage, windows fixing, door fixing, floor damage, debris removals, interior pilling paints, etc.