Revenue Cycle Management

Anayra Infotech is the leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Process in the healthcare industry. We are aware of HIPPA and PHI compliance and we follow them throughout.

In the Healthcare industry, we provide the best solution for Revenue Cycle Management.
RCM is a very vast field and we know how to go step by step. In RCM, everything is inter-related so we can’t skip any of it.

RCM cycle begins like this and we provide a solution for every individual step, check out here:

– Patient Scheduling

– Eligibility & Benefit Verification

– Patient Demographics Entry

– ICD, CPT, and HCPCS Coding

– Charge Posting

– Claims Submission – Electronic Billing & Paper Billing

– Payment Posting

– AR Follow up & Denial Management & Appeals

– Patient Statements

– Reporting

 Let’s talk about step by step in detail:

– Patient Scheduling

It all starts with patients, a patient schedule an appointment with the doctor for treatment and after that our work starts.

– Eligibility and Benefit Verification

It is a basic step for verification of the patient through the insurance company whether the patient is eligible for insurance or not. We check insurance eligibility and benefits verification in two ways by calling the insurance company or by checking the physician portal. We have well-versed knowledge of using the software as per need. 

– Patient Demographics Entry

In the patient demographic entry, we fill up patient personal information and insurance information in a provider/physician software in a perfect and accurate manner.

– ICD, CPT, and HCPCS Coding/Medical Coding

We have a team of Medical coding experts for every task. We will provide you high-quality services. We perform smart coding while maintaining high-quality standards. 

– Charge Posting/Charge Entry

Charge entry includes CPT codes, DX codes, doctors information and the charge amount. Many people get confused while doing this task but we do it in a well-organized manner.

– Claims Submission – Electronic Billing & Paper Billing

Our team has a well-versed knowledge of sending claims to the insurance company using electronic media. Our workers submit clean claims to various insurance carriers. We provide 100% accurate data. We have a quality team to audit claims before sending, so you will get 100% accurate data.

– Payment Posting

We have dedicated and talented individuals to do payment posting work. We post payments received in all the formats i.e. EOBs, EFTs received from carriers, banks, credit cards, cash payments which are received from patients. 

We do Payment Reviews periodically. Our team track payment patterns to provide accurate data to the clients. We check for any errors in payments. Before sending any work we make sure that we are sending it in the correct way.

– AR Follow up & Denial Management & Appeals

Account Receivable Management (AR), as we know it is divided into three parts i.e. 1) Denial Processing 2) Claims Processing 3) Customer Service and we divided our team as per section so that they can work on each process individually and efficiently. Our team process claims faster with complete accuracy. 

In AR, we provide the following services:

– Denial Management

– AR analysis

– Insurance follow-up

– Self-pay follow-up

– Patient Statements

Let’s talk about patient statements. Patient statements are documents a patient receives from a doctor/physician for the service. It includes service dates, transaction descriptions, charges, payments, and account balances as well as demographic information.

Here we provide clear and short (detailed to the point) patient statements

Statements delivered to your patients are sent to the insurance company to help you paid sooner.

– Reporting

Now here comes the last part i.e. reporting. Below is the list of services for which we provide reporting:

– The Accounts Receivable Aging Report

– Payment Trend and Collection Reports

– The Key Performance Indicators Report

– The Top Carrier/Insurance Analysis Report

– Patient Payments-Payment Collected from Patients

– Tracking Clearing House Rejections can help achieve benchmark metrics

– Tracking payer reimbursement metrics are key to reducing days in AR

– Tracking denials: Why every practice needs analytics to bring down denials!

– Find out what CPTs are contributing the max to the revenue of your practice

– No of claims submitted