Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing


Medical Billing

We are system Sceptic. Our Revenue Cycle Management is operated or supports more than 100 platforms which all are of the conventional system. All the new medical billing and some fixed regulatory standards are exceeding the quality.

In the medical billing, we are providing all the services like demographic entry, charge entry, patient statements, payment posting, claim submission and so on.

Accounts Receivable Management

Our A/R expert’s team understand all the problem when it comes to working on doctors and hospital claims. We will always be looking for leads to higher resolution rates and taking hard work to improve collections. You can give direction to your business with our unique A/R tools, with the help of A/R tool you can check the status of web claim and eligibility criteria. You can also be getting an option to generate letters whether it is an appeal letter or a redetermination letter.

Along with all facilities, some benefits you are getting by connecting to the Anayra Infotech like its process is faster without compromising accuracy.

Data Management

We have a quality control team to take care of all the errors. No need to worry, your data is 100% secure with us. We have CCTV cameras installed everywhere. We don’t allow mobile phones while working. Before starting the work employees have to deposit the phones in lockers. Our admin department doesn’t allow employees to attach or bring any Pendrive or other e-gadgets in the bay. We are aware of HIPPA rules very well and we follow it thoroughly.

Benefits of Hiring Anayra Infotech:

We have a strong team with great commitment towards the work.

Each and every employee works enthusiastically.

Employees are highly committed to their work.

Achieve target within a specified time period.

100% accuracy in work.

Anayra Infotech believes in new ideas and innovative things.

We organize stand-up meetings.

Inspire our managers and employees from time to time.

Organize small get together after office hours.

Celebrate festivals in a unique way.

We believe in teamwork.

Through teamwork, our employees explore their creativity.

Work finish on time.

Through teamwork, employees learn a lot.

It helps to increase the revenue of the company.

We check time to time performance of our employees.

Ask them about their needs and wants.

Celebrate their good performance.

Ask for their feedback.

Arrange productivity seminars.

Quality and quantity at the same time.

Work is error and bugs free.

Work is complete without missing minute detail.

Delivered work is 100% accurate.

We believe in transparency.