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Myths about web development

Are you an engineer? Did BSC? Did Did PH.D?

Still thinking why am I asking these questions? Then let me explain to you! See when we choose a career in our teenage most of the people lack the guidance and choose the wrong field. After finishing their higher education they want to switch the different fields. But, because of, lack of knowledge they get confused. It is a common scenario!

Let’s talk about my journey! When I was in college I wanted to make a career in the tele-communication field but now I’m a web developer. So don’t worry if you want to choose web development as a career, it’s totally up to you. It doesn’t matter which education you did, if you want to make a career in web development then you can definitely go for it.

Some of you are might be afraid to do this because of the common myths you heard. Here I’m telling you don’t need to listen to anyone just make your decision and do the correct research. After doing the research you’ll find it that those myths are only myths and there is no reality.

If you want to make a career in web development then there are so many web development and PHP classes in Nagpur are available and as per your choice, you can choose one of them.

Now let me talk about some common myths people are talking about so that you can take your decision wisely:

1. You have to start web development at early age

Totally false!
You don’t need to start your web development career at an early age. There are people who started their career at an early age and still struggling to get the job. It may be a possibility who started their career as a web developer but now doing different things. There is no right or wrong age for making the decision, you can make your decision at your own time. If you want to switch the career then switch the career nobody is going to stop you, after all this is your life. After taking the decision, it might be a possibility that you have got a huge success in it.

2. In web development you have to know HTML + CSS + JavaScript is always essential

Well, the answer is no!
If you want to make a career in web development then you have to go step by step. Don’t go for everything otherwise you won’t have anything. In starting phase you can simply start with HTML, Basic PHP so that you can clear your concept. And in the next steps, if you want to learn at the advance level then you can definitely go for it.

3. You need to be topper to become a web developer

Again bullshit!
You don’t need to be the topper to become a web developer. In academics, everyone faces some types of problems it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It’s okay if you are mediocre, it doesn’t stop you to become a web developer. If you want to make a career as a PHP developer then you can definitely go for it. Just trust yourself!

4. Men do better in web development then women

Again ridiculous thinking!
Let me tell you women are doing better in every field and Barbara Liskov at M.I.T., the first woman in the United States to be awarded a Ph.D. in computer science. Women have invented so many things. So don’t a thing that women can’t become a web developer. Yes, they can! It’s not about men and women it’s about thinking and we have to change this thinking.

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