PHP Developer classes

PHP Developer classes in Nagpur

PHP (Hypertext pre-processor) is the well known popular scripting language that is used to develop a website or web application. If you are searching for PHP classes nearby you then here is your destination place – Anayra Infotech. 

Anayra Infotech runs the PHP classes in Nagpur from the last few years with affordable prices and the main goal of this PHP training institute is to provide the best of best coaching service. 

If your dream is to make a career in PHP development then you need perfect guidance on it. PHP training helps to improve your coding skills which will lead to achieving your goal. If you are thinking about doing a job on PHP then there are lots of openings in the future.

PHP is a great way to implement a template on your website, you can do all types of creativity once you are mastered in PHP. So our suggestion is that don’t waste your valuable time and learn this language from the Anayra PHP training institute in Nagpur.

Anayra Infotech conducts many training programs including PHP classes. We will cover all required topics in detail and also provide practical implementation so you can fetch the job in any software company.

Anayra Infotech not only takes PHP training but also conducts a PHP internship in Nagpur where you can learn and perform on a real-time project. A PHP internship program covers all the tasks practically which includes creating and designing web pages.

What is PHP?

As we discussed above PHP is a Hypertext Pre-Processor. It is a combination of HTML tags and huge lines of code that are run on a web server. PHP coding language can easily create dynamic eye-catchy web pages, Database applications, E-commerce applications, Web applications. This language allows web designers to produce energetic content to connect with available databases. Its main goal is to produce a web-based software application.

PHP also called a server-side scripting language that is executed in HTML, which is used to manage session tracking, databases, content, etc. By using PHP you can build whole e-commerce websites. MYSQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server all databases integrated here. 

Features of PHP

PHP is an open-source scripting language and object-oriented language which is very easy to learn.


Coding written in PHP runs faster as compared to other languages like JSP & ASP.

The platform not dependent

It is available for different operating systems like MAC, WINDOWS, UNIX. It is developed on different OS and executed on different Operating Systems.

During PHP classes you can also have the knowledge of different technology like

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • XML and JSON
  • And Ajax

In Anayra Infotech we cover the entire topic which described above and also deeply focus on 

  • Core PHP
  • Advanced PHP
  • Framework
  • Project

Core PHP

We will give you the best PHP training, if you are not from the technical background then we will teach you from the very basic. In Basic, PHP includes Looping, Condition, Printing, File Handling, Object-Oriented functions. Without using any keyword the programmer has to write their own code.

Advanced PHP

After learning core our PHP classes move forward to advance part where we cover all advanced parts of PHP training. While learning the advanced part framework must there and the main purpose of the framework that it gives consistency in the code. And it also takes minimum time. 


Core PHP and Framework are the two different parts of PHP. The framework is very beneficial part of core PHP. For developing a website the user requires the PHP framework. If you want to learn and want to do work on a framework then you have to be mastered in core PHP programming.


After completing Core PHP and Advanced PHP, now is the time for implementation. So here in Anayra training classes, we will give you one project on which you have to work instructed by expertise. You have to develop some number of the module.  While working practically, you can apply the concept which you have learned.

We tried to give you a short description of our PHP training classes in Nagpur and here many things will be added during the PHP training period. Anayra Infotech is providing the best services for their candidates.